The City of Seadrift Water Department ensures residents and business have clean and safe drinking water. Read the latest Consumer Confidence Report at from the Public Works Director. 

The Utility Billing department handles metering and billing of water, trash and sewer services within the City of Seadrift. If you have an issue with a water leak or question about your bill please contact the Utility Department at (361)785-2251 Ext. 2.

After hour Utility Emergency: 

  • Public Works Director: (361) 489-9544
  • On call utility worker (after hours or weekends): (361) 489-1744
  • Water Plant: (361) 785-2519

Application for Services

If you are a new resident or business and need your water service set up please review our application guidelines. 

Meter Deposit

All new customers are required to pay a $150 Meter Deposit before services are turned on. Deposits are applied to any outstanding balance upon terminated services.

Solid Waste (Garbage Service)

Trash totes will be delivered after the Utility Department has received the Meter Deposit. To find out more about the City’s garbage services, please go to:

Billing and Payment Options

Utility bills are sent out the first of the month and are due by the 15th of each month. After the 15th, a 15% late fee charge will be applied to the utility bill. Bills can be paid either in person or over the phone. A drop box is also located outside City Hall and are processed the next morning. 

Meter Reading

Your water meter is read on approximately the same date each month. The meter is typically located in a meter box, near the curb, in front of your home. You will be billed for the water usage from the month previous (Example: if your meter is read the 20th of each month, your September bill would be the water usage from July 20th to August 20th). 


The Utility Department will need a completed Utility Service Form and a copy of a valid ID. Service will not be turned on until the Meter Deposit is paid and all building permits have been approved. 

Please fill out the form and return to City Hall either in person, mail, or email. 

In Person: 

Seadrift City Hall

501 S. Main St.

Seadrift, TX 77983


City of Seadrift

Attn: Utility Department

P.O. Box 159

Seadrift, TX 77983


City of Seadrift - Application for Utilities (pdf)


Additional Information

Automatic Withdrawals (Bank Draft / Preauthorized Agreements)

The City of Seadrift now offers Automatic Withdrawals (Bank Drafts) for utility bills. The form to sign up for this service will be available below.  Payments will be drafted on the 10th of every month unless the 10th falls on a holiday or weekend then the payment will be drafted the business day before.

Vacation Hold

If you will be out of town for an extended period of time, or you are a "Winter Texan", please feel free to contact the Utility Department to turn services off temporarily or until needed. There is no fee for placing your utility services in a "Vacation Hold". 

Disconnection and Outstanding Utility Bills

Outstanding utility bills will be disconnected on the 27th of each month. There will be a $30 reconnect fee.

Transferring or Terminating Services

There is a $25 transfer fee. There is no terminating/closing service fee. The form for Transferring or Terminating Services will be available below. 

For questions about service, to transfer or service, or to terminate service please contact our Utility Billing Department.

Seadrift Utility Department - Terminating and Transferring Services Form (pdf)


Seadrift_Waterworks_ACH Agreement (pdf)